Staying With The Stuff


Not everyone can make the journey.  I recall, that we were told that years back now.  If I perish, was a call. It is exactly what it is.  It is no doubt, a part of God’s plan; things He knew and saw, long before we even imagined it.  Let’s begin by saying, that God wants the Church, fully restored to it’s original state.  If you read the words of Jesus Christ, He spoke very clearly, that He was going to clean things up, before He came for His bride.

This is not a new message.  I heard it many years ago now.  It is the story of David, at Ziklag.  He and his men, returned home, to find their city, burned to the ground; everything taken, including all of their women and children.  These men, wept until they could not weep anymore.  It was gone; everything they had believed in and worked for.  David inquired of the Lord, if they should pursue the enemy that had taken so much from them.  He was told to go, and a promise was given to them: It said; “without fail, you will recover all.”  But not everyone could go; someone, had to watch their stuff.

I am amazed today, how the Spirit spoke so strongly to us back then.  You see, the Holy Ghost, covers everything for the mission.  The Apostle Paul, clearly stated, that not every person was called to do the same thing; not everyone could prophesy, or interpret, or be an apostle or evangelist etc.  Jesus demonstrated, that even though every one did not do the same work, or begin at the same time, each one, would receive the same reward.  The apostle spent a lot of time, talking about the Body; how every single part had a purpose; all were members together.  Somehow, we lost that.

Just before crossing the Jordan into the promised land, some of the people decided that the area on this side of the river, was well suited for them.  They wanted to stay there.  It was agreed that they could.  However, there was a requirement made of them.  They had to cross over with everybody else, and help them to conquer their part of the land, before they could return and live there.  In other words, they had to help their brethren, finish the mission.  Even then, some couldn’t go.  They had to stay back, and guard the stuff.

You don’t have to be the most gifted; the most dynamic speaker, the most talented, or the most whatever.  But you do have to be of great support, to those who have been called and anointed for this time.  We’ve lost some things; the enemy has stolen things from us and we have settled for far less, than we were promised.  We will never recover those things, unless we pull together in one spirit.  It is no longer a question of whether God will restore the church, that His Son Jesus Christ, gave His life for; it is not about if, but when.

We will never recover, without those who know how to pray.  It can not be done, without people who have learned how to go deeply in the Spirit, how to follow the Spirit expressly and how to encourage others, who are called to return to the front lines, for this time.  You may not be able to go; we are not all the same, but you must get behind and help, those who do.  You don’t have to be talented, or a person of great accomplishment; but you can fast, and pray and to study to show your own self, approved.  Every person who truly has the real thing, can pray in the Spirit.  Everybody, has a mission.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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