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  1. Oh heavens, I had something like this as well.  I do regularly give to folks who obviously look like they are going through a hard time.  I’ll give them whatever cash I have.  I always think, “I don’t know what they are going through. I have a roof, a bed and food, they don’t”.  So whatever I have I’ll give them.  I was walking around a nice area with little shops/restaurants one night (one where you would not see someone looking for a handout).  It was quiet, not many people around.  Out of a dark little alley an Asian woman in a wheel chair rolled out and smiled at me.  I handed her whatever I had.  She smiled and said “thank you…you pretty” and rolled back into the alley.  I couldn’t see her anymore.  I remember thinking how odd it was.  I mean totally out of the blue.  It was on my mind on and off for a couple of days.  I remember hoping she was ok.  Then it dawned on me…I wonder if that was test?

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