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Stop using the word ‘Prophet,’ so loosely! — 3 Comments

  1. I might have misunderstood the heart of the article. prophecy is a gift and for all New Testament believers.As it is written we are to judge it and not despise it. The office of the prophet seems to be controversial if not ignored. As the apostle James stated if we take the prophets of old as instructed.
    That is but one Old Testament verse and an instruction from God at that time.
    Another example would be Jeramiah 23 where God acknowledges prophets in His sight and we can learn a lot. Three points one those prophets prophecies out of their own heart, two some prophecies by the enemy. Both are rebukes from God

    The third is God stated they could have and implied they should have come to Him for a legitimate word. We are human God is perfect we are not. Research is a human thing yet prayer and the voice of the Spirit are where truth is found.

    Another aspect is obedience or disobedience as in the case of Jonas message. A huge subject for sure yet James said to attempt to keep the law and fail in one point will be to stand guilty before God.A.W Tozer once said overall grace or mercy if you will is mentioned twice as much in the Old Testament as it is in the new.

    That being said their are conditional prophecies,absolute prophecies and a host of other variables one can glean from scripture in this area. The failure of any man needs to be understood in the light of scripture with the Holy Spirits instruction to act accordingly a false prophecy equals a false prophecy. The gifts and callings of God are without repentance. Therefore a false prophecy is just a
    Lie that may come from the enemy , a persons heart and as such their should be grace according to The Spirit of Grace instruction.

    Even in the Old Testament death surely did not come immediately for all prophets.

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