Storytelling — 10 Comments

  1. Oh hallelujah!! I saw the first glimmer of light breaking through the dam tonight! That wall is about to burst through with living waters of glory and cleansing power! It’s time! This crushing many of us have endured the last 3 years has produced new oil and new wine. We are ready, Lord! Pour it out!

  2. All those who have gone before us are on the other side on tip toes in anticipation of all that is about to take place on the earth.
    All the plans of men will come to nothing by plans that nobody but God himself will unveil through a few to all the world. I hope everyone has a good seat and a big bag of popcorn the greatest show there has ever been is about to be revealed and oh what a spectacular show it will be. All that has happened in the last three years was a set up for the truth to be revealed please don’t hold on to any idols tighter then the love you should have for all men. In the end that is all that will count. Oh well enough talk for now. Let the show begin.

  3. What a beautiful word!!! I receive this.  Thank you Lord for all you do for us!!! Thank you sister for sharing this lovely letter from our King.  Blessings!!!

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