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  1. How encouraging Deborah!!
    God bless your beautiful heart!!
    It’s so imperative in this Hour to go up Higher and Live through the Power of the Eternal Victory He’s purchased through the Cross!!
    It sounds so easy, but we’re fighting, just like you said, through the powers and forces that have had hold of the ground inbetween…I believe that’s the exact ground we’ve been taking down and out!! That’s why we truly give ZERO power to the flesh, but cast it off!! When the enemy has nothing in us, our Lord pours His Kingdom into and through us, painting His Creation Beautiful….in His Glorious Image!!
    Our Weapons are not Carnal….but POWERFUL!!!
    Hallelujah and God bless beautiful lady!! :)

  2. I must add some important informations: In Germany and Switzerland there are brave doctors and scientists, as well as in USA, who publish facts about the mRNA and the sudden dying masses, young and old. One of them is Pascal Najadi, who filed criminal charge against the leaders. His father was founder / member of the WEF. He died of assassination. This man is a professing Christian, as well as Prof. Hockertz. I never wrote any bad word against the government ! I read on informative pages of Telegram, I gave likes to some articles of those brave men. Many citizens mock those who know the truth, and where comment sections are available, I helped through some clear comments, that people may recognize, we are in a war, citizens are the victims. I confessed JESUS CHRIST and wrote, GOD did not want humanity under permanent medication, because it is sorcery. And I warned, not to take the already planned RFID chip.

  3. Good morning saints. Last night, after more ugly attacks against my health through DEW weapons, that were shown beforehand via computer – a sleeping skeleton with red markers on the neck/cervical spine, where they this time plan to shot at – and it happened so worse, so again I prayed Isaiah 54:17, with outstretched hands towards my LORD. I could even see with closed eyes the arrows fired at me. In the past I saw the patterns of electric wires, one method of their hidden murderous weapons. So this encouragement by sister Deborah has comforted me very much, and I pray: LORD, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, PLEASE RECOVER MY BODY, MY ENTIRE BEING, AND PUNISH THE DIABOLIC CRIMINALS WHO HAVE DONE DAMAGE AGAINST ME. PLEASE, SEND Y O U R WEAPONS, THAT THOSE WHO USE EVIL POWER, MAY BE BROUGHT TO THEIR KNEES, DOWN TO THE GROUND. YOU HAVE PROMISED, ONE DAY THEY MUST BOW DOWN BEFORE OUR FEET. I PLEAD YOU, LORD, BRING JUSTICE, RIGHTEOUSNESS AND MY VINDICATION. AMEN.

    • Miriam, I will join you in the battle! I too , of late, have been led to believe that ongoing medication is not a good thing! I believe the Lord has been showing me this. I don’t understand at all, but it’s being revealed to me that it is evil.

  4. Halleluja AMEN, Dankeschön für die Worte Gottes durch Dich Deborah

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Hallelujah AMEN, Thank you for the words of God through you Deborah” ]

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