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  1. Praise God! Amen! This is true. Sometimes we can hurt so bad, such as myself as God is bringing me over and through the trial, my body over the years hase been traumatized to the extent of my nerves being imbalanced on edge, so I pray for complete healing, understanding it will happen in God’s time, but mean while the trial has affected me in a special way as I continue to keep my peace, nose bleeds, blood pressure rising and I am sincerely praying as my physical temple is in pain.

    Glory be to God, anyhow. Thank you, for sharing, blessed Sister. May the Lord continue to bless and you mightily under His Anointed Hand, for the His Glory!

    • Norman hi, maybe this info Will help you because “nose bleeds” has becomes very common,specificially of you live mest or use “certain” technology. Myself started to bleed from the nose,which I never use to do, when I had headphones and used a smartphone the first time.

      You can lower your bloodpressure by drinking more water, because even little dehydration causes the pressure to rise.

      If you upon this take “medicine” that they claim lower the bloodpressure then you make it even worse because the “medicine” hinders the heart to work with its full capacity which forces the heart to,yes,work harder because it MUST higher the bloodpressure so it is able to circulate through all your organs.

      May this info help you.

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