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Struggling in the Waters of Life — 2 Comments

  1. Good beautiful morning Deborah.
    I had a dream about a year ago where I was in a large building where there was only one person left to bring torment and persecution.
    I knew him, he was a “friend” from my very dark past. I felt no fear but only love for him. The building had been completely swept clean. I walked straight past him out the door. Up in the sky were very dark and ominous looking clouds that were in the form of elephants and other loud and screaming beasts. I simply looked up and spoke 3 times “Peace Be Still.” The dark clouds became saturated like water in clay and simply evaporated revealing the most beautiful blue sky I have ever seen.
    I’m sitting on my deck right now praying and loving on Him and letting Him love me back. This is our morning spot filled with flowers and lots of love. I’ve watched Him clear, almost completely, the dark foggy film from the sky this morning right before my very eyes.
    He’s been doing this almost every single morning for some time now. Last night was particularly hard, they almost all are but this is the place where I go to draw from the Father’s Heart all I need to face the Day.
    What a gift from Him this Word is to me today.
    All I could say through the night was please help me please help me please help me…hoew aithful is our Father.
    Thank you Deborah. God Bless!!!

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