Suicide – Don’t do it, there is hope yet!


This is a Testimony you may want to share and you may not soon forget our Wonderful Savior, Glorious Lord, Redeemer and Friend!.  Tell about Jesus friends, the world needs Good News!

Even when we do not know what we are doing, God is there and He is dealing with our hearts, up until the time we die.   ”He” never stops seeking after us, seeking to find us.  He never sleeps nor slumbers!

I have been wanting to write this testimony and share it for a long time and have not done it till now.  There are many that have been tempted to do this, and there are many that have been through this desolate place with a relative, friend, child or parent, committing suicide.


Chuck and I were out of town at a Conference at Bethel Church, in Redding, CA. in the summer of 2009 when I received a call on a Saturday afternoon.  My nephew, Steven had attempted to committed suicide, but he was still alive.  He lived out of state, so my sister was flying to his home town.  We began to pray.

Steven was almost 40 yrs old and had a wife and two children.  He grew up in a home where the Bible was not read, or barely acknowledged.  He had no upbringing to know God and was totally un-churched.  No one is really sure, even till now, what had happened, but he was very distraught, but it seemed to be family matters.

When my sister reached the hospital, the Doctors told her and Steven’s Dad, that he would never make it, as he was brain dead and would be on life support for the rest of his life, (Doctors are not always right).  Nevertheless, they were faced with this decision to make, as the Doctors were encouraging them to unhook Steven from life support, as he would never make it.  A very hard decision, but they made it and decided he would be better off not living, than being alive like he was.  He had blown one side of his face off.  This was so serious, and so hard for his parents to go through.

We were praying for God’s intervention, as we were pretty sure Steven did not know the Lord.  In our helplessness, this was our ONLY hope…. that God would do the miraculous.

So the parents made the difficult decision, and yet Steven lived a couple weeks after they unplugged his life support.  Death came, then Memorial Services in His home town, and then again in CA for the rest of family.

So it was a very sad day, and yet there is still a good ending.  You are probably think, how could there be a good ending?  Well God did not raise him from the dead, but He could have, if He had wanted to.

I was soon to find out, at the Memorial service, that God sent Steven an Angel in the form of a woman, right to his bedside to minister to him.  I had overheard His Grandmother on his Dad’s side of the family, telling someone about a visit from an Evangelist before he died and I questioned her about it, as I Chuck and I knew we had prayed that God would intervene for Steven.

So she told me a little about this Evangelist coming to visit him, and I asked the name of the Evangelist, which she knew, and also that the woman lived in Wyoming.  I took that name home with me and I searched the Internet for this woman.  I wanted to talk to her personally [I am one who likes first hand information] and I wanted to know what happened in those last few hours before Steven died.

[Please know it is never over, nothing is over, until God says it is…. not man, not the devil, not the Doctors, but God alone, calls the shots for us here – We must NEVER forget this]

So after the memorial services, I searched for this woman on the Internet.  I searched everywhere and she was not easy to find.  But God helped me and I finally found her name and one article she had written on the Internet, about evangelizing.

I looked up her address and found it also.  I knew the town she lived in, and that helped me, so I immediately wrote to her and introduced myself and requested to know about her time with Steven and how she came about going not see him.  I was just hoping God would cause her to take time to write to me and tell me or call me.

A few weeks went by and I received a letter from her.  It was 15 pages long.  So many times I have wished I would have kept a copy of that letter, but I wanted to get it to my sister as fast as possible, and I did without making copies, (I’m so sorry I don’t have it to read again).  My sister passed away in 2011 and I am not sure what ever happen to things like that.

I am not going to write 15 pages here, but in short will tell you the bottom line.  The Evangelist was in Colorado going somewhere to minister when she received a call from her Grandchildren who knew Steven’s children, and they told her where he was and what had happened. [NOTE: Life Support had already been stopped].

The Lord directed her to the hospital in Colorado where he was.  She went and found him.  She walked into his room and took his hand, and told him who she was.  She asked him to acknowledge to her if he understood, and he did.  Then she proceeded to ask him if he wanted to accept Jesus into His life, and he did.  She led him in a pray for salvation.  The Glory filled the room!  [All of heaven was rejoicing the Bible says].

After that, the Lord had given her a message to give to Steven and it was this:

“God is giving you a choice tonight, if you want to be healed He will heal you but it will be a long and difficult journey back.  If you do not want to be healed; you can just come home now.”

She had no idea what choice Steven would make.  She left him with the message of the Lord and went on her way.  As she got to the nurses’ station, not far from Steven’s room, she felt the Glory like a warm coat wrapping around her and she knew that Steven had chosen to go home.  Steven died shortly after that.  Praise be to our God, who is so merciful to each of us.

There is so much going on in the spiritual realm.  Not many are allowed to see that, or know what all happens in that realm of Glory behind the scenes.  God was and is ALWAYS on the move for our BEST INTEREST.

If you have had a loved one die and were not able to be there in the last moments, you can believe God was there and wonderful things were happening.  Choices being given, and choices being made.

Even in a crisis like this, God was there speaking to a young man who never knew about Him.  God is no respecter of persons.  He was there for your beloved, or your friend, or parent, brother or sister, best friend also.  Even if they took their own life, He was there.

Temporary insanity, God protects them.  They are helpless in the moment.  Many might argue that, but I am never up for arguing….. this is my story and my belief and I am sticking to it.   God never fails us and He is ALWAYS there!

I have many times thought, to myself, if I were Steven, I would have gone home too.  Being in God’s Glory, an Angel filling the room, His presence everywhere, and you just got Born-Again, how could anyone choose earth in that Glorious Company of Heavenly Atmosphere?

Yeah, I am sure I would have gone, given that choice also.

God bless you my friends,

~ Gail Manizak

Gail ManizakGail Manizak
of The Power and Presence Ministry, is all about encouraging the Body of Christ as a Ministry of Intercession and contending for our communities, as a House of Prayer.



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