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Talking about True Holiness, Purity & Moderation in our Lives as Christians — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you and I’m sorry Jay, as i answered you. As I went to post, it just disappeared. I dont think I hit the comment button hard enough.
    Still may I give you the article I posted today? First to say I certainly agree we need praise music on.
    Also I agree We need to pray in the Spirit and with our understanding.
    We surely must be born again. It is a daily process, dying to self.
    So many want a easy comfortable way and there is none. The road is straight and narrow but all the benefits. Amen? God bless you.

  2. Applying the word to yourself every day like knowing your youth is renewed but also knowing that your flesh is dead because Jesus purchased you with a price so as not to allow any thought or feeling to pass through the flesh causing lust which can lead to unrighteousness. The new creature is just that a brand new creature born anointed and made by the Spirit of God we also have been given a kingdom to live in the kingdom of God where everything is supplied. This is the ultimate goal in Christianity where the time you spend more time in Gods kingdom each day till that the only place you want to live. This begins with finding that place of perfect peace joy and goodness (listening to worship music, listening to the new testament, praying in your language and in the Spirit, waiting on the Lord in the place of peace and quiet) You will watch your life change as the blessing and leading of God guides you, if you are looking for someone to do this for you that works much the same as someone exercising for you. For those who war against the idea of dressing modestly look at Jude vs 23 the garment that does not cause the flesh to be noticed moral immoral rich poor (not a law your choice)

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