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  1. My old heart was deceitful above all things and desperately wicked and I didn’t know it. My old heart had me, myself and I as king and majesty of my world. It told me so! Praised me daily! All of my edicts were to be carried out at once. I was so proud! My old heart also had a wall around it that was impenetrable, protecting from any and all attack. If threats came against me I set out to destroy the opposition with my arsenal of self weapons. My old heart told me I was fully justified to do so. Conquer at will!
    Then my eyes and ears betrayed me. I looked high and lifted up above my head and heard “it is finished!” My old heart died in CHRIST. Crucified with HIM. Destroyed for trying to be the most high of my life.  That was a Friday….but Sunday was coming!!! GLORY BE TO JESUS!!! Placed in HIM, it is HIS heart that beats in me, HIS body, HIS mind. I am a new creation! I have a new heart! It is HIS heartbeat and blood that flow through it. Transformed by beholding HIM! My gaze is fixed on the one who paid for the complete transplant and transfusion. The paranoia of keeping my old kingdom is gone! It’s HIS kingdom now! There are no walls in this kingdom. When pain or offense comes, HE , like a flood, raises the standard! A flood of BLOOD, of LOVE, for he has conquered ALL!! Such peace!!
    Thank YOU JESUS!!
    Thank you Sandi!!

    • Dear Marc, What a great testimony you have! I love that you are on a different frequency now and your hers is beating with HIS heart. Free Free Free at last! Nothing like the peace that passes all understanding! And we give Him all the glory…great things He has done! You are so welcome, my brother. Sending love and grace to you all! Sandi

  2. This was one of the songs at our wedding. Many deep things God has revealed to me about my past is not my future. the shores are familiar, but what might resemble sharks in the water are fake for the here and now. faith stepping out in obedience has brought understanding and wisdom. I am learning to fix my eyes on Jesus who is the author and finisher of my faith, my personal trainer. Teaching me what is true and what is fake, bringing those lies captive to the obedience of Christ.
    I love and appreciate you dear sister and friend.
    The bride will emerge without spot or wrinkle glorifying God!

    • Dear Deborah, So good to hear from you and your input is full of wisdom. For me, transparency is a big part of healing. I miss you and appreciate you so much. Love that you had that at your wedding. Love you, dear sister. xoxo Sandi

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