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  1. Gabrielle, I could almost hear the tenderness of the Father’s heart through these words! So beautiful, just beautiful. Oh tender hearts that beat for Him only!! God bless your beautiful heart, Sandi

    • Dear Sandi, Thank you for your kind words. The LORD has been keeping me in the Book of Ezekiel this past week and revealing things I never knew before. It is like a treasure hunt for “truth nuggets” and every discovery is a delight to my spirit!  This psalm delights me very much as well! We pray for those hearts of stone to become tender once again; for the prodigals to return back home to the Father’s open Arms! Much love to you my dear sister! ❤️Gabrielle

    • Dear Wong E zin, if you happen to read this, my prayers are with you. Peace and love to you my dear sister. ❤️
      Your sister in Christ,

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