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Testimonies Are Important! — 7 Comments

  1. Very encouraging, well written and so inspiring Dana to keep on till the very end!
    God bless you my sister. Joyce McGuire

  2. Thank God for the word in season.It us an encouraging word for people who are going through a wilderness time

  3. Thank you Dana for this encouraging word. I am going through some battles right now, but I know the Lord will devliver me from all this. Pray for me. Love and hugs to you and family!!!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!
    I mean….WOW!!!
    Every single Word of this post is like a musical note in my ears Miss Dana!!
    I cannot wait until I have the ‘breakthrough’ testimony under my belt!! He promised me I’ll be undefilable….UNDEFILABLE Dana!!!
    God bless your beautiful heart!!

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