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Tests and the Nature of God’s Judgments — 2 Comments

  1. “…in my own experience, is the one who allows those of us to go through as we are Servants of the Lord; acquainted with Him in sufferings; that same God, will use us and our situations to be a tool of invocation of His judgment, even upon our own households; those of faith and not of faith.”

    That is also s my experience.

  2. “Arise and have mercy upon Zion,,for The Time to favor Her,.yea the Set Time is Come,.The Lord,.He shall fill Zion With Justice and righteousness,.Now, will I Arise says the Lord,.Now i will lift up myself!_(The Lamb sat down,.The Lion of The Tribe of Judah Arises!) For it is the day of The Lord’s vengeance,.the year of Recompense for the cause of Zion,.(The Woman as sat forlorn seemingly Forsaken,.bereaved, wandering in the barren wilderness of Isaiah 49,.”The Crucible of The Cross.” but she Is Now Arriving at the”Arise,.Shine” of Resurrection Glory!,_Isaiah 60:1that High Calling of God in Christ Jesus,our Redemption draws Nigh! Phil 3:21,_Rom.8:17-23)_A Saviour,.God The Avenger,.God The Saviour is coming to Save You!,_Psalms 102:13,Isa.33:5,10_Isa.34:8 Isa. 35:2,4-Peshita,Aramaic G.M,Lamsa

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