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The Angelic Hedge of Protection — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you. I looked up “preserve ” on Online Etymology. “Guard Beforehand” is interesting.

    preserve (v.)
    late 14c., preserven, “keep safe or free from harm,” also “act so as to insure that something does not occur,” from Anglo-French preservare, Old French preserver, Medieval Latin preservare “keep, preserve,” all from Late Latin praeservare “guard beforehand,” from Latin prae “before” (see pre-) + servare “to keep safe” (from PIE root *ser- (1) “to protect”).

    From early 15c. as “maintain, keep in a certain quality, state or condition.” Of fruit, etc., “prevent from spoiling by use of preservative substances,” 1570s; of organic bodies, “keep in existence or alive,” from 1610s.

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