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The Anointing Is Rising! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you VERY much for these words, dear sister. Many of those ‘vipers’ wanted/want to kill me and the anointing that GOD gave me. I got new warnings of physical attacks against my health and my job. They did/do it public, through cartel-signalling, before I ever went public to ask for prayers and before I ever exposed their evil strategies and operations. Last night I got headaches like never before, it is that kind of virus that they have shown me a few days ago on my phone screen. The headaches are not the only pain they’ve caused. I am in bed with fever while typing these words. The hidden manipulaters already pluged-in the word “unemployed”. Of course I am not, but only 3 days at home from work. All these demons, these vipers and hypocrits want to bring me completely down. No matter what I do, read, if I sleep or work, even in my bathroom they signal, that they are everywhere, watching, listening, making disturbing noises and more worse, like DEW/EMP. It is a sadistic battle, a perverse game for many. They spend and earn much money on this wicked game. I SURVIVED BY THE WILL OF GOD, THE ALMIGHTY. Thank you, each of you, for your prayers.

  2. Thank you Jesus and thank you for this mighty warrior of God , blessings and peace rest upon you and yours always in the name of Jesus

  3. Wow, I needed to read this right now, I am in the biggest spiritual battle I have ever faced

    Glad to know it is due to my ever increasing anointing

    Thanks for writing

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