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  1. Thank you God! This is so much of what my heart is crying out too. To even just pull one part is hard, Sherry still:
    “I have never stopped being a little girl with ABBA and it is my destiny to remain a childlike, not childish but a lover of Jesus. No matter how big or small, it doesn’t matter because I am so free with Jesus! I never get enough, and I always want more of Him.”
    Amen, sis! More of Jesus and letting our lights shine before this world. Hugs, love & blessings

  2. Hey Norman!  God has used you to encourage me and I give God the glory and blessing and thank God for you. Being human, humble, and transparent is the life of the minister. Please pray for me. Your words have greatly blessed me today and God knows truly God knows!  <3

    • Hi dear Sherry, if I can address you respectively by your first name. God be the glory, as I felt the depth and heartfelt words, included in your post, words of God’s Truth, knowledge and wisdom. I’m glad that you were encouraged and kindly letting me know, as it was sincerely laid on my heart to express to you.

      My life in the Lord Jesus Christ, has been a necessary and beautiful path, but as you’ve mentioned, it can be lonely, especially when God is pruning, divinely bring forth the birth of ministry, stirring up the gifts of the Holy Spirit and instilling/depositing more of his unconditional Love within.

      I know being selected and chosen to a high calling in God, there is great responsibility and accountability, sometimes a period of isolation is needed to follow the instructions given to you by the Lord Jesus Christ.

      I’m sincerely praying for you and praying that you are encouraged within heart and spirit, as I sense you have a beautiful spirit, genuinely authentic. I’m always encouraged by what you post, I may not always respond right away, because the adversary knows your God given, inspired words bring healing, power in/through Jesus Christ.

    • Please forgive me for such long messages, I have so much in my heart, it sometimes overflows. But I truly have a love for God’s people, for all souls throughout the world, to see their lives transformed in Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

      I look forward to seeing or hearing about what God is doing in your life, as you feel led to post, according to the leading of the Holy Spirit, the precious work He is blossoming, birthing within you, causing you to be a priceless/tremendous blessing to the multitudes. Have a blessed and fruitfully beautiful day in the Lord Jesus Christ!❤️

  3. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, dear sister in Jesus Christ! This is truly a deep, well respected and beautiful post. I can attest to so much that you’ve mentioned, especially the price and cost, of having to spend time alone, maintaining a humble heart/spirit in Jesus Christ, as the Lord allowed a thorn to remain attached to Paul, whether it was someone following him around to agitate, frustrate, with intent of taking his focus off of his mission in Jesus Christ, for the Kingdom of God or an actual physical thing, it kept Paul humble within heart, keeping a lowly spirit within.

    I totally agree and understand, giving God all of the Glory to keep me on the path in which He has designed and chosen for me to walk, opposed to me selecting my own path, which wouldn’t look same as the narrow path in Jesus Christ.

    God bless you and thank you for sharing your testimony, with a humble heart and spirit, yet breaking everything down in the most simplistic terms, my heart is open to God’s Truth. I bid you peace, love and blessings! You are a gem in the Kingdom of God, to share your personal experience, to let others know, who may be experiencing similar fiery trials – that they’re not alone.❤️

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