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  1. DLESSSINGS uplifting WORS, proclaiming a TRUE SHALOM for current Special times, and with THANKSGIVING to ♥♥♥HIS WILLS & Ways♥♥♥ helped us to contain latest fires from 3 weeks ago, from a distance of 2 miles away, before touched boundaries or our own land property.
    We pray on our knee’s for 11 days, suddenly at 3AM ♥♥♥HE♥♥♥ GRACED us with HANDS..!
    4 FAITHFUL friends each with own choppers and mine and some 30 neighbor’s, worked almost close to 300 hours with the Federal Forest Fire men & equipment’s we did killed the devil as the arsonist’s also were identified. As illegal just arrived to USA via the hidden agendas of our country. GOD BLESSS AMERICA, as WE PRAISE THE TRILOGY FOR THE FAVOR TO BE HERE. AMÉN..!

    • I wrote BLESSSINGS not the enemy touch adjustment. AMÉN,

      • THANK YOU Kelly for Your Fervent message today 07/24/21 AMÉN..!
        Wife 83, me 94. ♥♥♥HE IS WITH YOU AND US♥♥♥

  2. Thank you Father for being the ANSWER i have been loiking or anticipating for.Thank you Pastor Kelley. God bless you abundantly

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