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  1. The BOOK SERIES “LEFT BEHIND” sold millions.of copies years ago & still one of the top best Christian SELLING novels. The SERIES tales of the AntiChrist movements. The entire book of REVELATION pathways 2a seven year tribulation and reign the AntiChrist horrible deaths of tribulation Christians. the unsaved celebrate & received the Mark of the beast while Christians that was left behind are in hiding but masquerade & risk being caught in a dark New World ORDER to minister the gospel. LEFT BEHIND confirms our today’s society with Covid 19, social-civil unrest, legalized to murder full term babies (abortions), marijuana, decriminalize heroin (meth), gender equality to (brain wash) a 4 year old boy to believe he’s suppose to be girl, corruption in the election and the unexpected. Yes, the beast is unknown 4 now. He’s next door _waiting.

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