The Apostate Church and Eternal Destruction!


The Apostate Church and rebellious world leads to eternal destruction!

The church today is apostate-relaxed, falling away from the truth of god, and compromising with the world and on the other hand, the world is in a rebellious and chaotic state, meaning it has turned completely away from God and the truth…

There is no Godly truth on a large legal scale in any nation and what is good is evil and what is evil is good…..

It seems that every end of the globe that is catastrophe, disasters, wars, murders by the seconds, all manner of evil that can exists..  Does exists…

The hour of Christ return is ticking away…

Nations and their leaders are now supporting and are now legalizing same sex marriages and allowing the abonimable sin of homosexuality to be practiced without conviction or shame..

And yes, all unrighteousness is sin, but nobody is pushing to legalize murder, adultery, pediphilia (sexual lusts for children), rapist, fornication, nor any of the other sins that god forbid…  So why within the last 2 decades, this sin is becoming so popular and legalized?

The world is on a moral decline..  The majority of people in the world in every nation has just turned away from the truth of god, the creator and cling to the lie of the creature, Satan.

Where is the church and why aren’t we marching and rallying to uphold god’s true word,..  Why are there not more of us speaking out against a nation who tells us to be politically correct to support sin and to go against god?  I tell you why, the church is apostate and is too relaxed within the four walls.

I am talking about every religion, denomination..  All of them…

There are too many souls being lost to lies and false doctrines while we, the church are to busy raising money, having unfruitful and unproductive church programs, preaching to the same folk in the same prayer line every Sunday and still have no change in their lives, revivals are given for fund raisers., and there are too many conferences and convocations and no power!!

This is why god’s judgement will start in his house first with the saints..  We are the ones to set the standard for the world to be a light in a dark place and if the world goes against God, we should be the first to challenge the world’s system…..

Satan is continuing to lie to mankind and make them believe that they are their own gods and everyone should do what they like and what feels good to them.  He lies and tells them that God doesn’t exist and that this is your life and should live to please yourself and live it to the fullest, no matter what it takes.

If sins like this continue,there will be no reproductions of new life because it is not natural for two people of the same sex to reproduce children..  Then they allow them to adopt..

Now I am not saying that God hates anybody..  Neither do I.  God loves all people and I love all people, but God is sickened by our sinful ways…

There is a need to know that there are consequences to the fools who have said in their hearts, there is no God..

The church and people of God should warn the world and cry out against the blatant sin..  If a child goes toward a barrel of rattle snakes or a fire pit, will you just let him stick his hands in it!  No you would warn the child of the danger and this is what we are suppose to be doing….

Apostasy of the church and rebellion to God from the world, is sitting up a ripe environment for antichrist rule..

Some of you think this is science fiction or something from the sci-fi  channel; but it is as real as it can be..

But there is an end to all things and god will judge at our death or at the end of time..  Time is winding up and and hell is real and its horrible and everlasting unquenchable fire..  Then on to the lake of fire burning with fire and brimstone with a torture so unbearable that it is too horrific to imagine…

Yet people live and rebel against God, as if the lake of fire will be like taking a dive in a pool and you won’t experience horrendous and unbearable torture, pain, torment, fear, no peace, forever and ever and ever and ever for the next gazillion years…  And it still will not be over after then..

There are lost souls and people that have been in hell now for thousands of years and they are there until they transition to the lake of fire during judgement day..

Overall, the apostate church and this rebellious world will lead to nothing but eternal destruction in the end!!


– by Geraldine Coleman

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Geraldine Coleman:  Is a teacher and educator and ministers to prisoners at a prison facility where she is an instructor.




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