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The Arising of The LORD’s Glory — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Father. What a honor and bless will be witness — and act! — on all that!

    With your true love inside of me, i will go through everything in the name of your son, and our kingdom; yes, our kingdom.

    Fill me (with You), so i can deliver water to whom is thirst of You.

    Stay with me, talk to me, even hug and kiss me. Oh Father, is that much what i ask for me? What can i expect from a perfect father? Is not that, and even more, things that i even not know about? I’m not a perfect son, but i will be perfected in you (and my heart will learn and express all that); is your promise. Perfected through Your Love, through Your Word, through Your Son. I am redeemed and cleansed by His blood, Your Glory and Perfect Work for me. What a good father you is!
    I need your warm, i need you presence. I need your flame of light to ignite your fire of compassion, in me and others; and a fire of protection from the malicious treats of the enemy. A fire to bring a comfy place, warm and a safe, to all that are trying to know you, and they will truly knowing you by your presence in us, in Christ likeness.

    May we will be united in the likeness of Christ within us, beaconing His Light, so then, all eyes can see and experience His Glory.

    Be Your faithfulness, righteousness, kindness and mercifulness on Earth as in Heaven. Your will Father, because Your Will is good, full of life (true life) and enjoyment.

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