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The Arrows Are Not Hitting the Target — 1 Comment

  1. Good insight, dear brother Stephen. Too many sit in the hidden dark (or expensive) offices and send arrows from their evil prideful hearts, to attack. WE as GOD`s powerful children have the right and the duty to stand our ground. Because the LORD does not want us to be the trash, the tail, the snake in the dust. WE are born to be a strong and powerful generation. Every generation since JESUS was on earth, was under attacks. But in these last days, where the world has run crazy and confused, every Word and truth from above is an offending to a deceived TV generation, who were purposely brought into slumber by Disney and daily sitcoms. The Holy Bible is still in a corner or a box in the most houses, but these people have no more wisdom, no more knowledge. They want little baby Jesus under the Christmas tree, that`s enough for them. So every Word of God is an offense, an arrow for the modern time “Christians”. They still know some verses and then they shoot back, only to hurt. This is how far has this world come… It`s high time for His Return.

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