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The Basic Work of God — 6 Comments

  1. I think this goes hand in hand with the so called prosperity teaching. I wonder what there check books reflect on giving. I for one believe it,maybe its the child like simplicity and trust, people dont grasp.

    • Little children hope for a room full of toys and a plate full of cookies and cakes. When Christians “name it and claim it” with the immaturity of a child they sully the name of Christ with their childish wishes. Pray that the ecclesia grows up and name things that honor the Lord that they might claim His Kingdom.

  2. Ken,

    A very insightful message. Pondering it. Yes, the Lord did step out on the edge of nothing- to create ‘everything’. Blessings

  3. Wow!  This was a powerful message by God through you – now we need to do what He has shared with you.  Thank you Ken JRW

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