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  1. Sorry… I did NOT split the comment. All manipulated behind the scenes. So here comes the other part of the message:
    I know a brother in JERUSALEM who is a high Muslim leader there, if not the head of them… he mentioned in a little sentence 3 years ago. A HUMBLY MAN who has respect of GOD. I did not dare to share this information in the past. We met each other 3 years ago in his tourist shop. He always calls me his sister, and today again he spoke the SALAM blessing over me and my son and my entire family, and I blessed him and his family with the words and the letters SHALOM. He knows, I have very strong faith in JESUS CHRIST. Maybe some can now better understand why I had attacks from all sides.

  2. My sister, if you knew what I did for the rescue of people during the last weeks, days…
    every day I speak to people about JESUS CHRIST, for He “fits” into every situation.
    Today I had to be to an appointment at 10 AM and the train had delay. So I needed a taxi.
    This taxi driver gave me his phone to speak into the microphjone, because his voice did not
    open google maps… I saw, he got income messages in arabic language. I asked him if he truly
    can read this language. The man said after a few words, that I am a jewel, a diamond, they do
    say in arabic language to the few people on earth like me. Oh guess what I replied ?!?! I replied
    that in the Books of Prophet Isaiah is written about jewels and precious stones. I even opened
    google search, on my phone, and read it in loud the taxi. He said, he is from Iraq, even from Babylon…
    We spoke about the historical background of Babylon. After a ride of 25 minutes I told him, soon when
    JESUS returns, he should call out loud His name, and he will be saved. He had to concentrate on the
    city traffic, he tried everything to bring me right to the time to the destination, and he said when we arrived
    perfect on time: “Now you will have diamonds”. This event reminded me to a brother in Abraham.
    I then had a live conversation on phone into the Old City.

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