The Calling Given to My Remnant

The Calling Given to My Remnant –
Will NOT be Overcome by the Plans of the Enemy!!


‘Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.’  “These words of warning have become the playbook of evil men and women.

There is a public relations campaign to transform the views of people to the point where their ability to tell right from wrong is so warped that their perception of these thing will be turned upside down.  This perversion has been overtaking your nation for years and it is now coming to a head on issues that Bible believing (radical Christians) know to be moral absolutes.

The devil is running every offensive in his playbook as the defenses meant to keep him in check crumble.  Even among believers, many do not possesses a viable knowledge of My word.

This leaves Christians, like the rest of the world, using what “seems right” to discern right from wrong.  Principles that once formed a foundation for society as a whole have eroded in the face of this rising tide of evil to the extent that even such universal norms as, “do not kill” have been transformed into “you are your own god and it is your choice alone to make.”

Right now this applies to unborn life, but it will spread.  In the near future similar values will apply to all life.  An individual’s life and death will depend on their willingness to get onboard with agendas of evil men.

While compromise and complacency may temporarily slow the spread of violence and seem like an effective means of self-preservation, it will not be long before complete lawlessness will sweep across this land.  Violence will fill the streets and blood will flow.

Meanwhile, the evil men who seek to remain behind the scenes will take shelter in their places of safety.  Their goal is to remain above the fray.  As what they consider the “common man” struggles, fights, loots, takes by force and even murders for food, water and shelter, these evil men will hide.

Initially they will rejoice in what they see as victory, but that joy will be short-lived.  The violence they instigated will find its way to many of them.  Their attempts to insulate themselves from this will fail.

There will be but one shelter, one hiding place and that is beneath the shadow of The Almighty.  It is the constitutional right of men in this nation to bear arms and to use them for self-defense.

However, the kind of defense that I will provide will require no weapons.  My supernatural protection will be on My people.  The calling given to My remnant will not be overcome by the plans of the enemy.  The greatest harvest in all of history lies directly before you and it is those who have agreed to work in My fields that I will protect according to My purpose.

It is important that My people understand that this is not about self-preservation.  He who loves his life will lose it but he who lays his life down for My name’s sake will find true life.

Human instinct, the fallen nature, seeks to survive at all costs, but those who forsake what is right for their survival will reap the seeds of what they have sown.

Rather, seek My will. Know My will and desire that My will be done.  In this way you know that whatever comes to pass will serve My purposes.  Trust Me.  Trust Me and pray that My will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  This is the heart of being untouchable.

Remember that all flesh is destined for the grave.  While the enemy may destroy the flesh, only I have the authority to redeem your soul.  So you need not fear, My children.  For He can only kill that which lives for a season but I bring life to that which is eternal.”


~ Mitch Salmon


Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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