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    • Don, I am forever grateful for your prayer for my quick recovery and I literally can feel the prayers being answered. I have pain when bending as I walk but walking so so much better and I stand in agreement with your kind prayer. Yes, the book as well. I hope to be writing again tomorrow. May God richly bless you! Sandi

  1. Well Sandi! This message has a huge anointing on it! THIS PART SHOUTED TO ME! “Look up and watch the supernatural manifestations of My Power take you into an entirely new dimension of the unknown in the coming days and months of 2024.” WOW! WOW! WOW!

    • Mary, I am grateful for your input and so very glad because I too felt the Lord in a very different way on this word. A lot has happened in warfare since I first wrote it a week or so ago and lost the file when Open Office crashed and recovered all but this word. Again, thank you. love and blessings to you and your family, Sandi

  2. Yes and amen, Sandi. I have been seeing this Word for the body of Christ as well. Old wineskins keepers will be lovingly removed who will refuse to step aside and let the new wine of His Church come forth.

    Thank you SO much for this, most encouraging confirmation and further insight.

    Your brother

    David & Maija NY

    • Hallelujah, my brother David! Good to hear from you & Maija. T was given this word a short while ago and in greater depth and was using Open Office and it OO crashed and I was able to recover every file but this one. And what the warfare has been heavy as I have been interceding. I appreciate your input greatly and ask for your prayers as well. As soon as it was published, I had a horrible fall face down…and am in great pain with my knees. I did not stumble..I was on flat ground, it was like something invisible came from behind me and pushed me. This word shall come to pass and we shall see the hand of the Lord as the new wine continues to be produced and we see the GLORY of the Lord all across the land. God richly bless you, my friend. Sandi

  3. Thank you Sandi for this beautiful blessing from the Lord.  I am praying for my family to be saved and I hope that many will come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus before it is too late.  I was impacted by the following:
    When I appear it will be as quick as lightning and it shall bring the light that changes the storm as I release My Sword, for it is The Sword of Truth to destroy the deception that has been ruling The Nations.

    And, yes, many shall come to know me as Savior, as my truth goes forth and they shall see me as a Hero in the midst of war who crushed the serpent (devil) and sounded the trumpet of judgment and jubilee together so truth shall march on all across the world,” says The LORD.

    • MF, i will stand in agreement with your prayers for your family to be saved. Yes I believe it is much later than we really think, but our times are in His hands. Thank you so much for your input here. I love hearing how others see and receive what the Lord gives me. Our needs are different but our hearts are hungry for more of HIM. Wishing you all of God’s best, Sandi

  4. Hi Cherish, I believe soon we will hear, “Extra, extra, read all about it”! Sooner than we imagined. I receive your kind words and blessing! Love and blessings right back to you! Sandi

  5. Powerful words to those of us who have been waiting upon the Lord, sometimes not so patiently.  Delighted to read this!  Thank you, Sandi, for presenting it so clearly as we continue to lift up our hearts in constant prayer.  May the Lord have mercy as we all look up to watch His supernatural manifestations take us all into an entirely new dimension!

    • Rorok..You are so welcome. It has been a real test of patience, I agree but as we stand firm, I believe it is closer than than we thought. I appreciate you input. Blessings abundant, Sandi

    • Sandy, did I read correctly in your response to David Murry, that you fell on your face…or as you said, you were pushed after releasing this word? I am so very sorry to hear that.  Yes, we know demonic energies are out in full force but our God will have the final say.  I pray you are recovering and that The Almighty One puts a hedge of protection around you as you bravely share what you are given.  May His glorious light shine upon you.  Thank you for sharing your credible words, it means so much. ❤️

  6. Yes LORD!
    Amen LORD!
    Vengeance is yours! My heart is in your hand LORD! Be it unto me according to YOUR WORD!
    My eyes are on YOU! I trust YOU LORD!
    Lead me on!
    Bless you and thank you Sandi for your obedience! Love that song!!

    • Absolutely! He is leading us forward, Marc. I receive with great gladness your blessing. SO BE IT! Sending grace and blessings your way, my brother. Sandi

  7. Sandi,
    God has placed this song and video on my heart the past 4-5 years! He keeps bringing it to my remembrance!

    Deborah Reus-Holman

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