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“The Children Are Mine!” — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for your time & kind response Dear God vessel of Honor, BEV! May God keep you, your family & rain more Divine anointing on your ministry.

  2. May God uphold & bless our children in Jesus name.  2 years back, i had a dream & i was told to repeat (2) phrases after a male voice. The first repeat after me had to do Apostle Paul’ special miracles. The second repeat after me was: “I & the children the Lord has given to me we are for signs & wonders”. End of dream!
    Then about 3 months ago, i had a profound dream where i saw countless AFRICAN CHILDREN of about 5 years upward dressed in deep blue top & shorts; by the right hand side of the main road that passes through the cemetery ground & stadium; no adult or anyone leading them but they were moving & singing praises to God. End of dream! I forgot about the dream until now that i saw this prophetic words through you. May God forgive us as parents/custodians where we had stood against God concerning our precious ones destiny in Jesus name. Thank you God’s vessel of honor BEV.

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