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The Cloudburst of Glory — 4 Comments

  1. Thank You Lord and my Sister for your obedience to God! I receive that Word and it makes My Heart Smile- behind the Clouds, the Sun- SON is Still SHINING!  LET THERE BE LIGHT! ☝ HE is Still on the THRONE & HE- The God of Justice has saved This Best for Last for Us!

  2. Sister, could you see through thousands of miles what was happening here yesterday ??? At 7:40 AM I left home and took a picture from the stunning, VERY beautiful orange sky, mixed with dark clouds and golden-bright breakthroughs. A young woman turned her car, went out and took also a picture, we both looked up in awe… I saw her a few tears running down after this sacred moment when she said, she wishes me a good day. I did never see her before – she just appeared to take the same picture twith phone camera. At 8 AM then a rainbow appeared, when I already was some miles away from home. I stopped car, took another picture, because the end of the rainbow pointed exactly to a church. Then I sent these pictures to 3 people with the comment, that a rainbow is always A SIGN FOM GOD !
    Dear sister, yes, much sadness during these days, for the attacks again increased (this time through a workmate) but the amazing dawn, the outpouring of His Glory, calmed me down a lot.
    No doubt – after so many confirmations, through years, we two have a very special connection, created and sealed by The LORD.

  3. Thank you, Deborah for your word today as it is a confirming word.
    This morning when my eyes popped open I knew it was raining and knew that I was seeing in the spirit as I live in the hot and dry Arizona desert. 
    Thank you for the revelation about rain and the cloudburst that’s above us.  As the prophet Isaiah said, waters shall break forth in the desert and the rose shall blossom. Amen and Amen.

  4. I have been reading your words for a long time now. I love the way you write so beautifully and articulate the matters of the Kingdom of our living God.I just want to say bless you, thank you and that I really appreciate what God is doing through you.

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