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The Collapse of the Francis Key Bridge — 7 Comments

  1. Shalom,

    I watched your video about the collapse of the bridge

    interesting as you mention the 1 11 or 11 11

    The 11:11 seem to pop up for me also almost everywhere

    I’ve made a video about half a year ago on that but since then it did not stop

    For example, I look at the computer clock perhaps 3 times a day, but almost every other day my eyes go there on 11:11

    and yes, it still goes on

    As of the collapsing bridge

    two things

    I work in construction and stuff like that – though my work is usually on small more difficult tasks, (sometimes things just break) but I can translate it to this huge construction

    Also (curious as a sailor) I have seen some clips when ships crash into a port and took down the huge cranes, which are similar in design to this bridge

    And when they collapse it’s completely different than what happened to this bridge

    This collapse I would compare more to 9/11, basically after the impact a free fall without resistance.

    Yes, a road like smaller bridges can fall apart in an instant – and even then, there need to be a lot of factors come together, but all the steel construction of this bridge… no way, even not as road and trusses are connected with each other.

    The other thing I noticed – the name

    Francis Scott Key

    I have no idea about the second (Scott), but think about Francis

    Is there not a pope with that name, could it be connected?

    And the “Key” – just need to figure out which key – the key to the abyss maybe or is Francis the key?

    But there is also a connection with the person Francis Scott Key and with (british) ships, perhaps more

    Just my two coins on that.

    yes, we live in weird times that the prophets of old would have desired to see

    though I am far away from America but the collapse of that nation will surely have an immediate impact worldwide

    Here in EU-land is not better, the sins here stinks to heaven

    But after all as our home is not here on earth and our lives are just a vapor, we can hold on and endure by the grace of the Messiah Yeshua,

    Be mightily blessed

  2. The chemical that was released are meant to kill the east coastal area any thing down to south Carolina.  Been praying for God’s angels to carry it away. DID NOT SEE HOW FAR UP THE north it went. The harvest Will happen. LOVE sis Sheila

      • The Bible says all will forsake Israel and believe it be so – so all they can do is call out to God which they will do and the arm of the Lord will save them. Salvation will only come from Him alone and He will get all the glory

  3. Amen! Dio non si stanca di avvertire il suo popolo. Gesù diceva: “Chi può capire, capisca”.
    Grazie profeta. Benedizioni♡

    [ HKP : “Amen! God never tires of warning his people. Jesus said, “He who can understand, let him understand.” Thank you prophet. Blessings♡” ]

    • I love to see this Italia language and the translation. I used to live in Italy with my husband. God bless you Maranatha.

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