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  1. Praise God!  Back in 2020 I had a vision about an Eagle.  It was sitting there still but very alert looking around.  Later I had a vision of some type of bird that swooshed past my head.  I didn’t see its head and the body looked like something I’d never seen before.  Maybe it’s us when we come together as one!  Thank you Bro Chris for this mighty word of the Lord!

    • Mighty man of God…! Thank you for this prophetic leadership charge in “The Bridal Company”. This is a great and needed cause for the Body of Christ. Excited to know the prophetic influence of Bro. Kenneth Hagin, who has an amazing book on “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” – highly recommend to the faith community – as gifts gather and grow in understanding levels of what is prophetic – reciting verses of scripture – “Jesus welp” does not make one a prophet. May the Wind of the Spirit blow – as the Birds take Flight!

      • Interesting. Thank you, brother Chris. I can understand the three birds, or schools of prophetic ministry. However, I see many new servants of the Lord coming about that are so diverse that I think one could say they are already feathers of the fourth — of God’s infinite diversity, each unique — or perhaps each iridescent strands in those feathers, since there are so many. It goes back to your word above brother Charlie’s and your other recent words, and here again, such a panoply of others, via others. Apostle Paul’s I Cor. 14 wish is coming true.

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