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    “Not many will understand this, but I will post it out of obedience…
    Tonight I saw a mantle falling from heaven and it looked like burning lava flowing in the garment. The Father said, “This mantle is the most painful of all, but it is also the highest of all calls. Blessed are those upon whom it falls, for they will sacrifice all.””
    – Susan G O’Marra
    – 09-20-21.

    REPLY 1
    The mantle of humility. Described by Rick Joyner. This is suffering. Heaven is silent. Jesus was disrobed. The soldiers didn’t let Him wear the mantle of humility. I had surgery. After the operation, I vomited blood. I hit the emergency buzzer as hard as I could. Jesus had an emergency buzzer, but He left it in Gethsemane.

    REPLY 2
    The church is not prepared for tribulation. The mantle of humility will help the church to prepare for tribulation. John 16:33. If the church can’t ‘overcome’ the mantle of humility, how will the church overcome tribulation? The mantle of humility can be introduced in communion. What does a mantle have to do with communion? The mantle covered his wounds and it absorbed His blood. Don’t forget the mantle of mocking. Jesus stumbled for us.

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