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The Cream of the Crop Is Rising to the Top! — 11 Comments

  1. Yes Lord! Amen Lord!
    I believe and receive!
    According to your word be it done unto me!
    I am an eagle! I’ve declared it for years!
    I see and I soar!
    I declare and decree it’s time to take flight with power and purpose and precision!
    Awaiting orders.
    Thank YOU JESUS!
    Thank you Sandi!

    • Good evening, Marc, I am so glad you received and are awaiting His orders. It is mount up time!! It is time to soar for certain. I will answer your email tomorrow evening about a visit. Bless you as you move forward, Sandi

  2. Dear Sandi, what a powerful word the Lord has given here. I am going to read these words several times and let them sink into my spirit.  The words that spoke loud to my heart are these:
    “I say the mark you receive is not the Mark of the Beast but the Mark of the CALLED OUT ONES. Those who know their God and shall do exploits in this appointed time.
    “For I AM breathing the very breath of life into my people afresh and they shall receive the real vaccination that I promised in My Word,” says The Healer, “The Law of The Spirit of Life has set you free from the law of sin and death. My Breath is in you,“ says The LORD. I have been meditating on Romans 8:2 as stated here and this confirms what the Lord wants for His bride to believe and rejoice what He has accomplished for us on the cross.  He said It is Finished!!! I am hoping that many people will read these words and be blessed in a mighty way. Blessings to you as always!!!

    • Dear MF, I also was hoping that many who are confused about the Mark of the Beast and some of the things that the world has brought so much confusion about in these end times. May Romans 8:2 be written on your heart as you are wrapped up in His blessed Assurance to Persevere and Endure until you finish your race in confidence for the joy set before you. It is mounting up time for all the Eagles that have patiently waited and been strengthened to run and not be weary. You are blessed to be prepared, clothed and ready in this end time battle to win the race and wear the Victor’s crown. Love and blessings, Sandi

    • God bless you Wong E Zin and thank you for your agreement that you voice so well with your gratitude to Jesus who first loved you. Blessings galore, Sandi

  3. So Good Father, thank You!!
    Sandi, I had a dream the night before last I’d like to share here, it’s above and beyond!!
    My granddaughter and I walked into a nursing home. My granddaughter is 5. There was a lady standing behind a desk to check in and check out visitors. I told her I was there to show my granddaughter what a nursing home was like. In the next scene the nurses were making up the empty beds and the last of the completely healed and restored elderly people were singing and dancing their way out the door!!! There was a totally restored to health elderly person on the elevator telling some people she doesn’t know quite how, but through the fog she’d been in all those years she was able to save 57 thousand dollars!! WOW!!
    No eye has seen nor ear has heard….we cannot fathom what is about to take place at the command of our God and Father!! All Glory to Him who is seated on the Throne forever and ever amen!!
    God bless you dear beautiful woman of God!!

    • Wow, Cherish! What a dream. You have the most interesting dreams. I think that would be so so good to free those who have been ‘thrown away’ in nursing homes. Some have no one who cares, What a picture of GOD’S HEART for us! I agree we cannot fathom what GOD is about to do! Just no words. I receive your blessing, dear one. Many blessings back at you! Sandi

  4. Oh how this message hits all the points mentioned here in our life!!! Testing, trials, pain, since decades…
    Jesus being often silent in the gravest pain times…..Waiting, enduring, hoping….

    Our family was seen as an eagle‘s nest…

    We were prophetically told that we have a calling as „Josephs,“ as a whole family (three generations) and will serve in uunity. People filling our hands and us passing it on…among other aspects.

    So you said it all here, Sandi!! Just this morning I „warred“ with the last point…!

    • Good day, Dorothea, You have been faithfully trusting for a long time and like the eagle, have gained the strength needed for these difficult times. The best news is He continues to renew your focus with ASSURANCE, PERSEVERANCE AND ENDURANCE as your three-fold cord to run the race set before you just as the eagle. How amazing that He has called you out and given you the needed vision of your generations who were seen as eagles. He has used that to prepare you with the strength needed for these difficult times. The best news is you have warred and persevered and like the eagle. General, Dorothea, you have earned your rank and are equipped to feed the multitudes as He multiplies that which He has given to sustain you. Your discipline shall bring nourishment and wholeness to many in this hour as you outshine the darkness with your light. God loves you so and will fill you to overflowing with HIS abundance beyond your need.Great is your reward, faithful servant of God. xoxo Sandi


    “Not many will understand this, but I will post it out of obedience…
    Tonight I saw a mantle falling from heaven and it looked like burning lava flowing in the garment. The Father said, “This mantle is the most painful of all, but it is also the highest of all calls. Blessed are those upon whom it falls, for they will sacrifice all.””
    – Susan G O’Marra
    – 09-20-21.

    REPLY 1
    The mantle of humility. Described by Rick Joyner. This is suffering. Heaven is silent. Jesus was disrobed. The soldiers didn’t let Him wear the mantle of humility. I had surgery. After the operation, I vomited blood. I hit the emergency buzzer as hard as I could. Jesus had an emergency buzzer, but He left it in Gethsemane.

    REPLY 2
    The church is not prepared for tribulation. The mantle of humility will help the church to prepare for tribulation. John 16:33. If the church can’t ‘overcome’ the mantle of humility, how will the church overcome tribulation? The mantle of humility can be introduced in communion. What does a mantle have to do with communion? The mantle covered his wounds and it absorbed His blood. Don’t forget the mantle of mocking. Jesus stumbled for us.

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