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The Days of Healing are Returning — 3 Comments

  1. I know a man who went on a mission trip to Africa.  On one particular day, he wound up way back in the bush.  Four natives approached him and asked him what he was doing there.  The missionary said, “Oh nothing, just visiting.”  The missionary decided not to share the gospel and not to lead them to salvation, because he reasoned with himself.  He thought that since no one would be left to stay and disciple the people, it would be better that they not know anything at all. 

    There is a story in the Scriptures that sounds a lot like this.  The master gave three of his servants talents.  The master was angry and rebuked the one for only keeping the talents to himself for safe keeping.  Deliverance should have been a part of your ministry all along.

  2. I went to Brazil with Randy Clark, and I have been used by the Lord to deliver people from demons for 20 years.  That’s just a part of the ministry the Lord commissioned us to do.  I have a hard time understanding what you mean here….

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