The Days of Healing are Returning

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The Face of Darkness

In our experiences of past ages, we were told, that we should know our enemy.  In one place, the writer said that they were not ignorant, of his devices.  We understand, that this does not go well with this modern kind of message, that tries mostly to make people feel good about themselves.  It seems that so many, want to always talk about what they call “positive” things.  It has it’s place; I so need it myself.  But just how much is truly in balance.  Is it negative, to want our people, to be prepared.

“These signs shall follow them that believe.”  Jesus gave His disciples the power to do certain things with situations they came across.  He also ran across many of these things in His ministry; spirits, fell down before Him, crying out.  There was a lot of it going on in Christ’s time, and during the time of the Apostles.  And, there was a lot of confrontation in the early days of the church here.  So, what happened.  Some would dare say, that we are so spiritual now, that those forces cannot operate among us anymore.  One might say, we are so powerful now, they cannot rise up, like they once did.

Satan, hates human beings.  He can never be equal to God; and He will also never be equal to us; we occupy a place, he will never rise to.  How do I say this.  Some of us went astray.  We learned terribly, what happens to a person, when they give themselves over to the kingdom of darkness.

You see, he is not satisfied with destroying your life; he wants to mess up your face. Because of his rage and jealousy, he likes nothing better than to take a truly beautiful person, and mangle them.  He gets great joy, out of taking precious beings, and trapping them; enslaving them, maiming them and tearing their lives asunder.  And, he thrives, on making fools out of people.

God has allowed some things to go on in the church.  He has permitted us and others, to see what happens, when we stop truly following the Spirit.  There is a real reason, why we’re hearing those who proclaim, that it is so dangerous, to play church; to promote all of these programs and so much self.

God has pretty much kept a wall of protection around those places that have declared His name.  No one seems concerned just what might happen, if He were to lift that hand of protection.  God is a jealous God.  We don’t like to hear that.  And He gave His only Son; why, so we could play?

Satan cannot wait, to throw a fit, up in the middle of some of these stages that have been built.  While we are rocked to sleep, catered to by those who have their own motives, the wolves have learned to look like everyone else.  False folk, have been scattered through the flock, like tares of old.  It is they, who will assist in what we once called, bringing down the house.  If there is any real soul in us here, we are crushed for what we know is about to happen in the house of the Lord.  This is not fear mongering; it is about, pleading.

The gates of hell, shall not prevail against His church; those who actually love, the way He loved.  But they will, against every house of men.

The Days of Healing are Returning

I hesitate. It’s been said before.  If you are going to be used of God, in this hour, you are going to have to do some things you don’t want to do.  I want to share something that happened, the day before Easter.

I was asked by some friends, to attend a service at a church I have attended before.  In the pew just in front of us, sat a young man with his father and grandmother.  I have mentioned this person before; he is greatly mentally challenged and cannot speak, other than making loud grunting noises; he loves to sing.

I saw something before with this dear one, that I really did not pay so much attention to.  As a young child might do, he would sometimes draw back his arm and fist, like he wanted to strike someone, and he would point his finger at them and mutter something; usually to his parents.  It never even entered my mind, that he might have a deaf and dumb spirit.  I shared with folks here yesterday, that I came to a point years back, that I did not want to see certain things anymore.  I’m being led, to become more open again.

The same behavior was exhibited this time.  But when he drew back his fist and pointed, I saw a very violent and dark side.  He gritted his teeth so harshly and seemed to utter to his family, “I will hurt you if you try to bother me.”  I realized, they had seen this kind of behavior often, and did not take it too seriously.  It seemed to happen, when they tried to correct him.  Oh, I know, some will say it is only a medical problem, and it is some kind of brain dysfunction.  I thought so too.  But, like it or not, I know what I saw.  It shook me.  I would like to ask all of you, what would you have done?

In days gone by, we would have gathered round, and cast that thing out.  I fully understand, that this person needs to be free; and how I want that for him.  But we need to consider some things.  If we had not been fasting and praying, it might not come out.  On the other hand, if it did, it would likely throw this young person to the floor, he would convulse like he was truly having a seizure, and then appear to be stone dead.  His family, and all of the other people in that assembly, have never seen this done.  Can you just imagine, how they might react.  Especially, if that spirit, went into someone else.  What if our true Power level, was much less, than we thought it was.

Why am I being led to speak of this; why would the Spirit be attempting to alert us to this kind of thing.  Because, it is returning the way it once did.  If the days are short, as we say they are, the prince of darkness knows well, that his time is short also.  Evil, knows it is going down; and it wants to take as many as it can, with it.  We see this being acted out more now, in other places in the world, and here too, even as we speak.  Many, many people, care less and less, if others see their true spirit; in the world, and also in the church.  There are some things, we will have no choice, but to revive.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. I went to Brazil with Randy Clark, and I have been used by the Lord to deliver people from demons for 20 years.  That’s just a part of the ministry the Lord commissioned us to do.  I have a hard time understanding what you mean here….

  2. I know a man who went on a mission trip to Africa.  On one particular day, he wound up way back in the bush.  Four natives approached him and asked him what he was doing there.  The missionary said, “Oh nothing, just visiting.”  The missionary decided not to share the gospel and not to lead them to salvation, because he reasoned with himself.  He thought that since no one would be left to stay and disciple the people, it would be better that they not know anything at all. 

    There is a story in the Scriptures that sounds a lot like this.  The master gave three of his servants talents.  The master was angry and rebuked the one for only keeping the talents to himself for safe keeping.  Deliverance should have been a part of your ministry all along.

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