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The End-Time Days of Wine and Roses — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Priscilla,

    the words you receive always carry weight (because you have suffered a lot).
    So it is not surprising, that „Jeremiah“ is laid in your mouth!
    I guess I never heard anyone mention him in the course of all that we experience…For me it has been highlighted since years and decades in a special way as. I feel connected with him in his experiences (not literally though), but concerning extremely hard situations for long intervalls, being given promises but going but instead being thrown into another strange situation. Family members suffered with us and were confused.
    In one of such a situation we receivd Jer. 37-38 as an explanation and confirmation through a friend. We were sent to join a certain ministry ony for a short but testing period of time (three years) just to warn the leader again.
    He did not listen but died with 50 years of age….!
    The road has been long and ardous and we are still waiting to see the promises and words fufilled which we received since decades, since the 80 ties! We have now passed 70…
    Rich blessings

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