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  1. Yes my sis and friend. I hear that beautiful ‘sound’ with you. Precious to our ears. It’s the sound of Victory! May you be truly blessed in 2024.  ❤️

    • Dear Joyce,
      Thank you my dear sister and friend! I receive those blessings wholeheartedly!  I cannot wait to see how God will use us all in these end times. It surely is an amazing time to be alive. May the LORD fill your cup with blessings overflowing this new year! ❤️

  2. Praise God! Amen and Amen! God bless you, dear Gabrielle Fuehrer! I pray that you are doing well, vibrant and strong in the power of God’s Might – in the Holy Spirit! This is such another beautiful, priceless and great poem and song, my heart embraces every word, as it reaches my soul – just the thought of the very God in whom we serve, who created us, is the same Divine One who shines through us with the Bright and Morning Star, Jesus Christ, whose Light never diminishes, but everlasting to everlasting, forevermore.

    God’s precious gift within you is so beautiful, so precious and unique – it seems to awaken my inspiration and gift to write, to tap in deeper into those gifts within, in which was never truly chased with sincere intent or heart.

    God bless you, Gabrielle and thank God for your awesome and inspiring divine poems/songs, I cannot explain, but they tend to feel as though they are moving divinely withing, could be even healing, replacing wounds with true the love of Jesus Christ. Glory be to God – through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, the Great Song and Poem Writer, who stirs up special gifts such as yours to bless, heal, mend and bless others unimaginably. I bid you peace, love and blessings! I will await your next beautiful poem/song. Have a blessed, safe and very blessed New Year, as God begins to stir up the gifts, even the more.❤️

    • Dear Norman,
      May the LORD bless you exceedingly in all areas of your life in this new year we are now in. May He show you the righteous path to walk upon, show you your Kingdom Purpose and always keep you close to Him safe underneath His beautiful Wings. ❤️Gabrielle

      • Praise God! God bless you, Gabrielle! I kindly and humbly thank you, so much for those kind words….I appreciate your sincere prayers l, as I’m certainly praying the same for you, in every aspect of your life, your divine destiny in Jesus Christ.

        I believe this year 2024 may reveal God’s Divine destiny, plans and purpose – for many of his sons/daughters. In the past, I’ve always tried to fit in, following groups, cliques, but could never fit in, not even on a spiritual level, seeming as God placed me in a unique, a very peculiar group as his servant, for a very special purpose and divine reason, but he didn’t rush it, but gradually allowed me to tailored made in him, through the fiery storms, tried in the fire to design me for his divine purpose, according to his perfect will.

        I’m intrigued by your God given gifts, different, having such a great uniqueness, poured out in love – with the Holy Fire in the Holy Spirit centered in the midst.❤️

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