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Prepare Yourself – The Death Angel is Coming — 2 Comments

  1. Yesss AMEN…what will.it take for blind eyes blind heart to finally see GOD is pleading…HE is pleading to those to WAKE UP shake off rebellious shake off pride shade off hard heartedness b4 life’s clock ends with ur NAME on it & NEXT, day of sentence b4 GOD Almighty.

  2. Dear Apostle Geraldine ,I am
    Convinced so Much abt This dream because two years ago I saw the King size bed and twin beds dream and I felt like you in the vision ..And coincidentally I also saw the Angel of death ,A single angel arrayed in black with a sword ,It swiftly descended and I asked the lord Why Am I seeing this ?Im glad I read this here and it gives me an insight of what the lord has for the nations at large .

    [Personal data redacted by HKP]

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