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The Deborah Anointing — 3 Comments

  1. Ladies first meeting tonight this will be the topic of discussion . thank you AM & Gail faith Assembly pob 331 Smith’s Grove, KY.

  2. The Deborah Anointing-Michelle Mcclain-Walters
    Great Teaching! Great Book! Definitely a WORD for Right Now! Amen

  3. We are indeed in Deborah’s anointing. This brings much adversity, but the authority and urgency, His divine passion leads us. Very good article, dear sister Gail.
    My chef / boss is a columbian Deborah… you maybe can imagine what she had to face before she could work like the LORD wanted and wants her to work. Today I received a letter after work from her with a diamond picture on it and the words, that I am precious. 2 holy were Scriptures added. What a blessing and confirmation to keep on going and NOT giving up. With love, Marion Karola

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