The Demonstration of the Spirit


We are going to get a hold of this, one way or another.  We might stop and ask one another, just what are we demonstrating in our walk today?

The urgency of the hour, pushes many to share things they’ve felt and experienced in the Spirit, that they never spoke of before.  The time has come, that it no longer matters what other people think about where many of us have been, and yet want to go in the realm of the Spirit.  We all must face, that much of what many of us have done, didn’t work.

Too often, some of us are lost when this subject comes up; we don’t know what to say or what to answer.  What if someone were to ask us, “how spiritual are you?”  Anyone can see, that a great many things are being demonstrated in our churches, and even in the individual lives of those who say they have it.  It offends many if you were to say, that what is being demonstrated in many places, is not of the Spirit.  Forgive me for comparing now, and then, but there was a time, when all of us knew, exactly how flesh acted.

It also ‘ouches’ many of us, if someone were to say, that too many of us, have become dull; and not just in our hearing.  No, it is not right that too many in leadership, want more and more, to say just what those in the pew want to hear.  But it is just as wrong and just as unspiritual, for those who claim to have the Spirit, to sit out there and be lulled without challenge.

What if one evening, the entire congregation was to stand up and say in unity?  We don’t want to hear what we’ve been hearing; we want something that has true depth, real meat we can hold on to, and we require that whomever is in charge, goes only where the Spirit wants to go.

Some things are about to change.  There is a decree, that is going forth throughout the land.  It’s message is actually quite simple.  It says that Jesus Christ, is not coming back for a weak church.  I want to ask humbly, if you were in His shoes, would you?  Can we justify, that the latter church, could be much weaker than the early church; at least the one many of us are a part of.  There is a spirit among our people today, that doesn’t care.  There are reports of the Spirit being poured out in many other places.  Do you mean to tell me, that the last days of Joel 2, are not going to happen here?

I don’t believe that.  The devil has tried to put in everyone’s mind, that nobody here, is hungry.  There is a stirring going on, and it is spreading across the hearts of men and women here.  Some think that just because it’s not being seen in man’s eye, it’s not so.  I AM so glad for that old verse that says, “In the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word may be established.”  The point is, that we are going to need this authentic demonstration, more than ever before.  Does it ever occur to us, that the Holy Ghost, wants to move among the people here, much more than we want Him to.

I heard a true apostle who’s traveled across most of the globe, say recently, that the gifts of the Spirit are being poured out, all over the world.  Well, what about those here who already have them?

Does anyone really think, that they were given to so many, but never meant to be used, to their fullest?  Ask the Spirit about that.

It is the Spirit who needs to be demonstrated; not us.  I am compelled to repeat a message I just heard again.  The Holy Ghost is going to do in this hour, what He wants to do in the land.  He will remove, anyone who gets in His way.

It does not matter, if many do not believe that.  He will demonstrate, what has given to the Church.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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