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The Devil Can’t Stop God From Communicating With His People! — 7 Comments

  1. Thanking GOD THROUGH prayer including prayers of others. And still under attack..thank u 4 this msg. God does have our back.☝

  2. The devil sure cannot stop our Heavenly Father from seeking to us! But Unless you test every word that comes from the Heavenly Father: the enemy is so smooth he knows that bible better than any of us. he knows how to twist words I our heads. So get a dictionary, & an exaustive concordance, and where posible get on the Internet. Google is a very helpful tool. if you don’t have a computer or access to Internet, check with your public library, they often have time when one can use the computer as long as you have a library card. (if not it usually is free with just a valid picture ID. plus they have all sorts of reference materials, available for use in library. plus in summer it’s airconditioned, & in winter it’s heated. Making for a comfortable quiet study environment.

  3. Praise GOD! And thank you Jo Ellen for listening to the Holy Spirit. Just yesterday, I was on my knees asking GOD to restore the dreams I once had. This Word is such a confirmation. Thank you for being a true servant of GOD and for sharing what HE speaks to you. Thank You Father for restoration. Praise GOD!

  4. LOL LOL (Holy laughter) GLORY BE TO JESUS! He is never too late and never too early. HALLELUYAH! HOSANNA! HOSANNA! HOSANNA!

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