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  1. Great word from THE LORD, Geraldine!
    Few seem to realize the actual prophecies that the Israeli nation is fulfilling rather than those that have been falsely attributed to them.
    But Father has up to now, permitted it so those prophecies, particularly the one to Esau (now the Edomites in Jewery) from his father, Isaac, after Jacob took his blessing from him unlawfully.
    Things will transpire there that will shock most of the Christian world if they don’t wake up.
    Believing lies is not particularly healthy, particularly when in the process Jesus is called a liar! For IF that nation WERE true Israel, they would have brought forth fruits fit for repentance.
    But that has never happened, and cannot, with making our awesome GOD a liar!
    So, it ain’t gonna happen!! Instead the nation did what Jesus said it would, brought forth leaves once more to become a nation. But the Edomites have shown themselves as blood-thirsty and ruthless as from of old.
    Hallelujah– not all are asleep at all!

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