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2024: The Door of Greater Glory and Revelation — 13 Comments

  1. Poderosa palabra de cambio y compromiso sacerdotal para cada uno que la lee y escucha, No me queda más que pedir que Dios guarde y guíe tu vida siempre, Verónica mujer guerrera.

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Powerful word of change and priestly commitment for each one who reads and listens to it, I have nothing left but to ask that God guard and guide your life always, Veronica, warrior woman.
    BLESSINGS!!” ]

  2. Yes on Christmas eve I had Isaiah 24 given me for 2024….not a fun chapter! Earth shall totter like a hut and be split apart…speaking of severe shakings…and also in there speaks I believe of continued die off where the Earth is made desolate and empty…and in there is also God bringing down the host of lofty ones –The haughty people shall languish…as with the mistress so with the maid…so it will affect all classes…Linked with this for 2024 is Matthew 24. Should be a great year! Personally I have never felt weaker or more unstable in and of myself.

  3. I felt as though I was reading many books by many authors written over many years and suddenly they were all brought together.
    WOW! I was gasping for air at some of the revelation. May Father God continue to take my breath away, make my heart beat as though bursting as He draws us in. WOW! There are no more words ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

  4. I just laugh with joy because our Great God is so Holy, so Powerful and so Loving. We give You all the glory Father God! We praise You and give thanks because You have already taken care of everything. You are from eon to eon. You have declared and revealed the end from the beginning. It is so exciting to just walk through life with You Father God! Isn’t King Jesus Messiah magnificent! Lifting You up with praise and worship is a true delight. Thank You for giving us Holy Spirit to teach us and shepherd us through our walk with You!

  5. I think possibly the “C” is the blueprint for how our seating should be in our gatherings. How the fivefold should posture themselves. Circled round. Facing each other. Central aisle feeding into the circle.  Not legalistically. Just a return to the Acts 2 gathering design of house churches.

  6. Amen and Amen!!
    I’m reminded of a dream I had on the morning of January 1st; In my dream I was tired and decided to lie down on the floor to rest. In the room with me was my son-in-law, and I could hear my daughter and grandkids in the next room. As I slept, my son-in-law threw a softball up in the air over my head, it stopped midair over me and came straight down, I lifted my arm and caught the ball while my eyes were still closed. I saw it as though they were wide open!!
    The Fire has been Hot and the Road long, but we’ve no idea yet the Power of what He’s produced within us, but I believe, and this post confirms that we soon will, Hallelujah!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

  7. Veronika, So much of this resonates with what the Lord gave me for 2024. You certainly went to great detail to paint such a lovely picture of how it will be carried out. Thank you so much for so much revelation and confirmation. Blessings for a prosperous New Year. Sandi Holman

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