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The Dream That Brought the Test — 8 Comments

  1. Jo Ellen thank you for such an encouraging word from His Heart to His Children.
    So many have been walking in hell on Earth, but the Faithfullness of our Abba Father is about to show the world how He blesses His own who’ve remained faithful and steadfast through the storm, and what a storm it’s been!!
    My prayer is for the Spirit of Rejoicing, this day, to fill the Righteous Elect in anticipation of the Overflowing Abundantly Above and Beyond He’s releasing into His Beloveds!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

  2. Dear Ellen,

    I truly am the one this word is for……….! There is no doubt. Today we celebrate my 76 th birthday.
    After 4 decades of waiting for all the many prophecies to be fulfilled, among one is a „Joseph‘s“ calling for our whole family, being one standing out in my family because of my decades long talking about „all the prophecies, prophetic words, end-time Revival“ which they are skeptical about, I can surely rekate to the feelings and experiences of Josehp.
    I can confirm that I have been plagued and still do (just last night), laying awake with chronic pain in my legs, veins, my face, plagued by sometimes excruciating pain in my sinusis and other pain issues – since DECADES.
    We have fiathfully served the Lord and went whereever he sent us, facing many trials and tests in all areas of Life.
    We live in Germany, which has not seen Revival, just some kind of Renewal which never touched us.
    Our flame of hope has been rekindled anew through all the prophetic words about this Year bringing Freedom and Breakthrough. There are small signs now.
    We never saw a vision, but I had a few dreams about bringing a baby to birth, which means the End-time Revival.
    I have this in my heart since decades…
    I am so glad for the quickening of this prophecy for me……!! Thank you, Jo Ellen!

      • You shall NOT give up at the brink of your dawn- you will stand strong through the darkest part of the night, which happens literally right before the dawn. You will live to see the prophetic words and plans God has spoken to you, for God is NOT a man that he should lie. The dreams he placed in you are still there, the plans have all been developing, even when you did not realize that- he was working on you and preparing you for such.a time as this- be blessed in the power and might of the True Living God.

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