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The Dress and The Robe — 5 Comments

  1. When we are called of God before the foundations of the world, He has a plan for our lives, we have been chosen and have encountered suffering, persecution, rejection and much more; but He puts His Robe of Righteousness upon us because of our faithfulness to Him and we do not quit. It involves waiting and trusting in the one true God, passing the test. And when He places His Mantel upon you, nothing can take that away from you. To receive a Mantel from the Spirit of God is honorable and no man can take that away or destroy it from you. You instantly have the Favor of God.

  2. Absolutely great teaching! So many allow envy and jealousy to creep in when God begins to elevate others in the kingdom of God. Some will have events on or at the same time you have them to keep others from attending what God has given you! God warned us to highly esteem others better than ourselves yet people especially leaders have a hard time with this because they are insecure or feel threatened.  I really do believe the enemy can see your promotion before you do and this is why he is hard at work to defeat us

    Thank you

  3. Powerful word and timely. as christian we should be mindful that each person suffering is different. We need to be kinder to each other,

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