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The Dry Bones Are Coming Alive — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Prophetess Deborah, The good LORD has been opening my eyes to biblical prophecy; specifically Ezekiel C.38; all the nations coming against Jerusalem, Zech C.12:3; Hamas, in Hebrew relating to Haman in the book of Esther meaning architect of evil, I think, something like that.

    All this is to say the endtimes have lined up quickly; we wait for His return…enter the book of Revelation, Rev C.6 The first seal: the white horse is the DECEIVER! He that sat on him had a bow, and a crown…corona; the second seal, the red horse, war,the third seal, the black horse the economic devaluation and the fourth seal; pale horse, to kill with death, pestilence one fourth part of the earth.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Thank you for allowing me to express these concepts which do not directly relate to your visionary words, but give a “backdrop” of what could be happening.

  2. Yesterday, I got a vision from God. It was so interesting and meaningful. It was about the last revival. I saw Sid Roth sitting on the right top of a tall building, which was a skyscraper. It looked a little dangerous because he sat on the edge of the top and moved his body for a short time. I felt a little worried, but in a second, he started to walk down the stairs one by one. Surprisingly, the Holy Spirit in me started to talk to him. “Sid, the great revival will start soon. I know you have been waiting for it with all your heart. You will see the start of the revival before your eyes. The revival will start from _____. What a coincidence! ______ is a secret. Thanks, Deborah. Your message is so inspiring.

  3. Thank you Deborah for this encouraging word.  I receive this!!! I will have to read it several times to let it saturate me and envelope me in this beautiful truth of His word.  It has been a difficult walk and we all need to hear this to build us up and go forth with Him.  Blessings to you and family!!!

  4. Oh Deborah!! Hallelujah!!
    I heard yesterday morning a conversation the Lord was having, and He said, “They shall stand to their feet.” WHAT A CONFIRMATION THIS WORD IS!! :D
    I confess over the Sons of God this Day, “We are being led forth in Peace and are going out in Joy!!” Hallelujah!! He’s promised to be our Rear Guard and He is Faithful!! AMEN!!
    God bless you dear beautiful woman!! :)

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