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The Earmarks of an Intercessor — 9 Comments

  1. Sandi,

    I had not realized you were on here. This teaching was fantastic and I sent it to my personal email to walk thru with my 12 year old, who has many giftings in the prophetic that Maija and I are helping him walk thru. Greta mercy and WOK that he navigates all the time.

    This is such a clear and well rounded teaching. You explain so many of these truths so much more clearly than I have been trying to teach him. Thank you. I am enjoying and being ministered to by your other teachings on here.

    Thank you!

    David & Maija Murry NY


  2. Teacher,
    D Lord will not let me go without sharing with U (&All Other Teachers as Well)/(Guess can’t hide in my Caves…) The SEEDs U(All’s)Had Sown For D LORD(KING JESUS) HaVes Springs Forths(UP) Many Times Overs…I PRays & Hopes like U(All’s) ….The Fruit s & Leaves will B of GOOD & of Uses for D LORD (Hopefully if Lord Willing, for D Nations…)
    As This is What Was Givens From D LORD CHRIST…

    THANKS U Teacher(& ALL’s as Well)
    D LORD’s BLESSINGS, Might’s , Protections, HEALINGs, Grace’s, Loves, Faith’s….His Fountains Of Mercies.. of His Living Oils, Living Blood’s.. LivingsWaters…
    (D LORD Doubles Up Multiplies Blesses U (All) & All Your Loves Ones Back Thousands Millions Zillions Times Folds Back… D Measures U Do For D LORDs….)

    Thanks U Teacher (& All as well)

    Will Stand & Travails
    Together In-D LORD JESUS Christ
    (Here in Singapore)

  3. Sandi, this is so rich. I will save it to read again and again!

    The first article I stopped to read this morning was Angus and the one he shared by Jeremiah Johnson. Look at the theme.. On REPENTANCE!

    Sandi, this article has so many layers of truth and the Lord spoke to my heart much through it.

    You said, “This should be our commitment. It is one thing to run in and out (like one who has no focus and has become double-minded) but it is another to STAND in The HOLY PLACE.”

    Let us always come repenting, seeking Clean hands and a pure heart so we can Stand in the Holy Place.

    I love you sis, Joyce

  4. Seeing your article made my heart leap for joy.  I have been “under instruction” by the Holy Spirit as I asked him who I was in God’s kingdom, and what my purpose in God’s will was about 4 months ago now.  I have been hearing him teach me about intercessory warriors, and how they are anointed and appointed by God to do a very special work for his kingdom, and how humble and faith filled we must be to accomplish this. Thank you for your teaching, and sharing it with us.  God Bless, Mary

    • Dear Mary,
      So very glad you received confirmations for your call. I love that God sometimes has one only person He is wanting to reach sometimes. It so blesses my heart with Joy when that happens. God bless you richly, Sandi Holman

  5. Great to see your comment Daniel. I guess I “cut my teeth” as they say on Rees Howell Intercessor. Of all the teachers, He stands out and rightfully so, he sure set the bar high for laying his life down, walking the walk and true identification…what an example of truth and godliness. Yes, it is a high calling, my brother. May we continue to reach for HIS HIGHEST with humble hearts answer when HE calls my fellow intercessor, Daniel. Blessings, Sandi

    • I always wanted to go to Wales to the school he established.
      The way he laid it all down as the Lord led.
      Depending on the Lord/only.
      No words can speak it.

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