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  1. I hope you’re not opposed, but being a believer as well, I am not seeing the lunar eclipse as a sign as mentioned in Genesis 1. Studying the bible I am not convinced this partial lunar eclipse is a specific sign. The world is in turmoil, yes. End times? Probably. Is it important to remember what the Lord promised? Yes, amen. Yet I see ‘great signs on the heavens’ differently. I hope you do not put this away as slander or opposing Gods word; I just have another opinion if that is okay. :)

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  2. John 4:35 says “four months remains”. The origin word is”tetra” which speaks of a tetrad, four moons in a specific pattern not four “months”.

    These tetrades with lunar eclipses (the “red sky” Jesus speaks of) must be connected to something specific so we take notice of it, and we did when the lunar eclipses appeared att the feast days from when Israel became a nation and ended att sukkot 2015. Three tetrades with “four moons” in a row at the feast days is together twelve, as “the full time at the clock”, twelve disciples and twelve tribes and a full year.

    The visible moon is put in the sky for signs and Times and when it no longer gives its light time is fulfilled. The moon is leaving the Earth right now so we have signs enough. 
    2012 I heard the Lord say “this generation will not pass until all this happen”.

  3. What is about to happen will be to the church what Donald trump was to this USA. The church will be like the Democratic Party knowing the change is coming but most will hate the change and oppose it. Most of the church has gone back to business as usual. Get ready people. Ready or not here it comes.

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