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The Elijah Anointing & The Prophetic Movement — 3 Comments

  1. Just yesterday as I sat waiting on the fog to lift so I could drive to work the Holy Spirit lead me to my Bible and he began to give me Scriptures that first deal with repentance, then adoration for his grace, mercy, love and faithfulness- then he went straight away to the verses that speak of revival. He has shown me that my prayer life is to become one that prays these scriptures, in the order in which he has shown me for revival in me. I think while we are waiting and praying for a “church” revival- the revival is going to start individually- then once it starts to spread it is all consuming. 

    A awoke from a dream not so long ago and this was the dream/interpretation:

    I had a dream, last night, about a train that was pulling lots of train cars with black coal in them- the train was running parallel to the road we were driving on- at some point the train kinda derailed and spilled the coal out- I did not know what that meant- UNTIL just now- the train is the church- the coals are the burning embers of revival that are being ignited- when the coal was spilled from the train it was the fire and embers of revival spilling out of the church and into our communities. ♥️

    The coals are my words of life- they will ignite this land again saith the Lord

    Be blessed- ♥️♥️♥️

  2. My husband likes Robin Mark a lot. And We enjoy listening to this song. It is full of the holy spirit and His power running from the Sanctuary in heaven. Thank you.♡

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