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UK: The English Rose Shall Fall in The Land of The Thistle — 2 Comments

  1. Amazing revelation that brings great comfort as it assures us that God has his hand on our nation despite the mess we are in.
    I found it increasingly difficult to pray over the Johnson administration for anything other than deliverance and help as he led them to make more and more decisions that were detrimental to our well-being. He was Gods choice but went badly off course.
    It is very reassuring to hear confirmation that Liz Truss is also God’s choice. Maybe we needed the mess as a wakeup call and may may He be glorified as He performs a miraculous u-turn through Liz Truss and her team. I believe we will hear …”only God”!
    Praying daily over them for wisdom, protection, Gods tangible presence to touch and ignite them to come into all He has for them, spiritually, relationally, governmentally etc. Bring healing and restoration to our nation Lord we pray.
    The new king who is an ardent environmentalist will not be amused, I fear, as Liz Truss is already reversing many of the decisions that have led to the UK’s catastrophic energy crisis.
    Charlie Shamp posted yesterday a very strategic dream he had several years ago that seems to have its interpretations connected with the death of the queen, the tenure of Liz Truss and Charles response to the changes in government policy.
    It’s a call to prayer.

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