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The Exposing of the Bad Shepherds — 5 Comments

  1. I pray this happens quickly. I have been sensing this is coming. It has started to a small extent but the cleansing must come. So many people are deceived and are lost in what is known as “church”. It is a den of theives, liars, perverts and power hungry men and women. Church was never meant to be what man has turned it into.

  2. Bro. Chris-

    Yes, you’re right, many of us are hearing the same thing. I had just posted a comment to Sis. Joyce, similar. The Lord is shaking it all up.

    And oh – I’m so glad you mentioned “the House churches”. The Lord has been speaking that to me for a while. In fact, I was led to have a prayer shed built on my property – its in the works. Pantry. Overflow. Stocking up on small bibles to hand out. I’m feeling also to re-organize, re-purpose things inside & outside my home – for the days ahead.

    I had no intention of doing this for years – yet in the last few months – I’m compelled to do so. It’s just another confirmation. Blessings

  3. Thank you brother Chris for this wonderful Word from the LORD. I can see this as well of what you said:
    “I see much joy, great faith building, and miracles being the order of the day — every day!”
    Praise the LORD!
    God bless you!

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