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The Exposure of Darkness — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Laura thank you for your teachings I would like to receiving your more teaching I leave in Massachusetts remember my people perish for lake of knowledge.

  2. YES…AMEN…THESE times are weary no one knows the collapse earthquakes shall soon take and change mankind 4ever. COVID HAS & CONTINUE 2 take lives DAILY. I AGREE with Laura…don’t depend on man, TURN to JESUS give urself to JESUS CHRIST while there is time. TIME has calculated LIFE n2 minute and second. Life breaths every minute and every second once life support checks in a second chance or DEATH.

  3. Laura, your word is very timely and accurate.  Just yesterday I was reading Acts 9, about Saul on the road to Damascus and suddenly he is caught in this moment of time.  Saul made the right choice and repented and he guaranteed God’s word.  God gives his word but we guarantee it and must come into full agreement with it.

    Thank you so much for posting this word.  God bless.

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