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The Eye of Leviathan is Upon The Emerald Isle! — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Veronica,
    Like to share a little true story. Once upon a time, my husband and I brought into our house a little kitten, O we were so in love with this little kitten. So, we went to introduce this little kitten to our older male cat. In a split second that older male cat took his claw and clawed the eye of the kitten. Blood flowed out of the eye. Although it healed, the kitten turned into a rather large female cat who did not forget. No, a few years later, this female cat did exactly the same thing to that male cat.  The green eyed monstor, jealousy and envy….satan roams about seeking whom he can kill maim and destroy, I think the Word says.
    Love the Lord God with all your heart, all your might and all your soul, and your neighbor as yourself…Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Blessings, Patricia

  2. No one wants to admit the oppression of the stronghold of envy, it’s humbling to say the least.
    About 9 years ago now I was lying in bed in the early hours and I turned over to see on the ceiling of my room two huge green eyes looking at me, I looked everywhere to see if this was some sort of hologram, but it was most definitely exactly what you’ve described here.
    What I looked like at that time, what I had, what people thought of me was my identity and housed my value. This was the beginning of being killed by the love of a Good, Kind, and Caring Father. Into to trash it went, and I mean ALL of it. I haven’t worn makeup for 8 years. I chopped off my perfectly bleached streaked hair, I gave my wardrobe, my company vehicle, my jewelry, and my size 3 look at me figure away….and much much more….I read the Word and prayed literally almost 24/7.
    (Fasting was required) Many days I didn’t think I could go on, the persecution was torturous and cruel, but Holy Spirit kept me going…THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT!!!
    I look like an ash heap and I wouldn’t change it “for the world!!” Not until He Himself changes it, He has been, and He will!!
    I’m in love with Jesus Christ, and He’s in love with me!! He’s worth it all!!
    Gid bless you beautiful lady!!

  3. To the members of the body of Christ, ” Why be envious of something that is not a finished work.”
    All in His good Time!

  4. Do you know there is a Catholic devotion manifesting the power of God the Father in the number 8? It’s an 8-day “Octave” of Consecration to God the Father.

    This divine timing is proper to the calendar we are in now in the Catholic season of Easter. After Easter Sunday, we are counting 6 days “within the octave” and an eighth “Octave” day on the next Sunday. I am confident that God is speaking to us numerically which is how we humans think, and crosses boundaries and religious jurisdictions.

    Look it up https://bookofheaven.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Holy-Octave-Consecration-to-God-Our-Father.pdf

    There are also Biblical references in the link above, both in the Old and the New, showing how Jesus Christ leads us home to the Father. Of course, we have references to the Blessed Virgin, too. But at least, this is profitable for any Christian to dive into this.

    God bless.

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