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The False Revealed — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you both Sandi and Bev.

    You are both such encouraging sisters in the faith!

    I value your input and all you both share in the Lord.

    Many blessings and hugs as we seek Gods face together and seek to listen to Jesus heartbeat .

  2. Joyce, GREAT WORD. Well needed at this hour!  LOVE your heart for the LORD & HIS PEOPLE!

    Thank you so much for including both the Welsh version & Robin Mark’s version of that BEAUTIFUL SONG. WOW! WOW! WOW!

    You truly are a treasure to the LORD!
    Blessings! Bev

  3. Good morning, Joyce, I cherish all the wisdom you are imparting and realize it is a treasure to hold in our hearts and release to those who are wandering aimlessly with no hope for tomorrow. I especially loved this wise counsel:Know ye not this day I desire a people after My own heart? Be righteous even as I AM Righteous. Crave Me and I shall give you the desires of your heart. Keep your balance in all things. Beware of the ‘false sound.’ Learn to discern in all things. Keep your distance from the ones who would pull you down.” Thank you for sharing the treasures of your heart. Love you much..Sandi

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